Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious mental health condition that affects individuals who have experienced trauma or abuse or have personally witnessed tragic events that can be very traumatizing. While it is often seen on soldiers or uniformed personnel who have been on the frontlines, PTSD can also affect children, women, and other people who have witnessed or personally experienced pain and abuse in their lives.

CBD Oil helps promote peace of mind for people living with PTSD.

PTSD, like any psychological condition, can manifest in a variety of ways, and its symptoms are very unpleasant. The patient suddenly, and involuntary gets to vividly recall the traumatic event that he has experienced, and once again get through the unpleasant feelings that come with it. These feelings include immense fear, stress, worry and anxiety, hypervigilance, and the kicking in of their survival instincts. Moreover, the physical symptoms, which include palpitations, fast heartbeats, as well as unpleasant stomach sensations, can likewise happen once again.

While over the counter treatments and counseling can be beneficial to PSTD patients, a growing number of people living with PTSD continue to search for alternative therapies that could help them manage their condition. Mainstream PTSD treatment usually involves anti-depressants, which can help stabilize the anxiety and stress out emotions of the patient whenever his emotions get triggered.

CBD Oil as a promising PTSD Treatment

Cannabidiol Oil is a plant-based medication that has a long list of health and wellness benefits. While it is primarily known for its pain-relieving prowess, it has been discovered that it can mainly help in several mental health conditions. Among these psychological illnesses are clinical depression, general anxiety, severe stress, and PTSD.

Cannabidiol oil or CBD taps the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) that, in turn, gets to influence bodily neurotransmitters that dictate the production of specific hormones. When it comes to curing PTSD, the cannabinoids found in CBD Oil taps the ECS, which in turn, relays to the neurotransmitters that produce serotonin to increase its production. By raising serotonin levels, the body and the mind get flooded with pleasant sensations that help relieve stress emanating from PTSD.

Moreover, with continued CBD use, the stress response becomes all the more manageable for patients. A study has revealed that Cannabidiol Oil helps much in conditioning stress responses, which includes PTSD flashbacks, or when the patient suddenly remembers the traumatic events he has gone through.

Why more and more people have been choosing CBD Oil for PTSD

Anti-depressants can effectively treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. However, the consumption of this type of medication is associated with several side effects. Here are some of the side effects associated with taking anti-depressants:

1. Nausea

2. Increase in appetite and eventual weight gain

3. Dry Mouth

4. Insomnia

5. Blurring vision

6. Drowsiness

7. Over-all fatigue

8. Sexual issues such as loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, and decrease in orgasm.

9. Constipation, and more.

Cannabidiol Oil, on the other hand, is not associated with any of these side effects. It does not even cause drowsiness or increase in appetite at all. If ever, only a small percentage of those that consume CBD for the first time experience stomach upset, which goes away easily too.

CBD can also ease sleeplessness or insomnia. As it tackles the root cause of insomnia, such as pain or excessive worrying or stress, Cannabidiol promotes better sleep health.

What is CBD Oil

CBD Oil or Cannabidiol Oil is a plant-based substance that is extracted from the hemp plant. While it is closely associated with Cannabis, which is derived from the Marijuana Plant, CBD oil does not cause any type of consciousness-altering reaction upon consumption. CBD Oil does not have mind-altering effects because it does not contain THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the psychoactive substance found in Cannabis or Marijuana that causes mind alteration. THC usually leaves the user feeling high or stoned upon consumption. It may also cause feelings of euphoria. CBD Does not in any way cause dependency, addiction, nor any psychoactive effects.

How to take CBD Oil for PTSD

Another benefit of taking CBD Oil for PTSD is its variety of ways it can be consumed. For instance, there are CBD Oil pills or tablets which can be easily consumed several times a day daily.

Moreover, CBD can likewise be consumed as a tincture extract. This is a fast-acting form of Cannabidiol Oil since, after sublingual consumption, it can immediately enter the bloodstream and take effect within 10 minutes.

Another way to consume CBD Oil for PTSD patients is through CBD Edibles. There are now CBD chewable tablets, and CBD gummy candies available in health food stores and alternative medicine pharmacies. These are perfect for young PTSD patients who may not be able to consume CBD through the oral or sublingual route.

CBD can also be applied topically as a balm or salve. As a hand lotion or a massage cream, it is a perfect way to destress and get rid of the unpleasant feelings associated with PTSD triggers. Some relaxation spas in areas where CBD can be used for recreational purposes, healing, and relaxation spas offer CBD Oil Massages.

CBD Oil can also be inhaled through vaporized extracts. Vaping concentrates are sold in vape bars and other alternative healing stores. By inhaling CBD Oil vapors, the cannabinoids get to tap the ECS right away as it immediately enters the bloodstream.